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Useful links for novice HCI researchers

I am currently going through the proceedings of various HCI conferences in order to define the topic of my master thesis. Call it procrastination, but in the process I came across some very useful links, I would like to share with you.


Ok we all know CHI is considered top edge, but if you ever wondered which HCI conference is “better” than another, here is an interesting metric for you.

Visualization of Emerging HCI Topics

In case you wanted to know where current HCI research is heading, you might want to take a look at this visual map of popular and unpopular topics at CHI in the last years

The who-is-who game

The HCI giants on who’s shoulder you might stand on one day can be found here. I also like to go through the affiliations of all CHI publications to get an idea which Labs are currently growing strong.

Update: Robert just told me that there is a CHI ranking for German HCI Labs